April 4, 2015

A Bit About Goodreader

My mention of Goodreader as one of my favorite things prompted some questions and comments so I thought I'd talk about it a bit more with a few screen captures from my own iPad.

My friend, Lisa, who I know from our Connecticut knitting group (both she and I moved away) left this comment:

I totally agree and second your opinion on Goodreader. I very seldom use paper anymore. I love the highlighting, the ability to comment, the freehand (I use to make hashtags for counting sometimes or write down a row number), the moveable lines for keeping track of where I am on a chart or written rows of pattern and also you can enlarge a portion as needed. It is a lifesaver if you put your project down for a while because you found something else to start. And as you mention, patterns are with you wherever you go because of course your iPad is too! Can't say enough good things about Goodreader!!

Just yesterday I was in the car with my son driving on his way home for Easter vacation and I pulled out my iPad and continued on a lace pattern scarf I started for my LYS.  It's all right there and I can make notations as I go along.

See that bar of notations on the right hand side?  That's your toolbar.  It lets you pick out what you want to do...the very bottom one is a free hand writing tool - that makes the notations of the lines on the left that I marked off where I worked.  There is an underlining tool, highlighting tool, an eraser, arrows to mark sections, etc.

On this screen capture you can see I used the tools to highlight which size instructions  I need and then I marked which size needle changes I did based on my gauge.  I can change the color of my writing to help categorize the notes.  On the right you see some cross hatches - those are notes for how many times I did a repeat.

The other great thing about Goodreader is it can organize your patterns.  I have categories that I keep them stored in so I can go back to them with my notes on them.

Here's the table of contents...you can see I have cowls, hats, Christmas, mittens, baby, etc.  The ones listed below the folders are ones I'm currently using.  So all in one place I have a bunch of patterns instead of many pieces of paper.  There are several Goodreader tutorial videos - I suggest you check them out.  I can't say enough about this app - it really has helped my knitting organization.


Lia Leo said...

I'm your kindred spirit!
I use Goodreader exactly like you for both knitting and cooking.
I've organised my recipes and they're always at hand.
Definitely the best App on the iPad

Lorette said...

Have you looked at the Knit Companion app? I never use Goodreader anymore since I started using that. It it especially helpful for anything charted.

Lia Leo said...

No, I don't even know it!
Thanks for the pointer