April 22, 2015

A Little Late - When Blogging Gets Ugly

This weeks theme for The Love Your Blog Challenge (a few days late) is:

I get the top half but not the bottom half (I don't think anyone is jealous of me). For me, blogging gets ugly when I feel guilt.  I feel guilt when I don't blog on time (like this post should have gone out on Monday but I was out of town).  I feel guilt when I don't have anything relevant to say.  I feel guilt when life has me so down I don't blog because I'm afraid it will turn into a pity party or a rant.  I guess I should just let go of the guilt and blog when and how I can (basically I have done that).

I have had a few ugly moments with comments - one time it happened when I complained that someone on Ravelry thought my pricing was too high on a hat.  So I opened a discussion of the design process and my time that I put into it - I published the comments but found them a bit harsh.  I know this is nothing compared to what can happen.

As a result of my blogging, my daughter took it up - she had a fashion one with OOTD posts (outfit of the day).  She also did a home design one and recently has a cooking one.  She also used to post a lot on Tumblr - quite honestly I don't get Tumblr but she loves (loved) it.  Now, we can talk about UGLY!  There are a bunch of haters on that site and they are not afraid to lash out.  There were days my daughter would be so upset by what people were saying about her posts.  Sadly, I find that social media has allowed us to be ugly without thinking.  I found these - all are true and I wish people would think of them before posting nastiness.  I really like the first one.

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Andrea said...

I totally agree. Social media seems to have a lot of people leaving their good manners at the door. If I see something I don't like, I just ignore it. Who am I make a judgement on your blog. It's a BLOG for goodness sake. I try to take the time to think before I say something that could be hurtful. It really isn't that hard. :)