April 30, 2015

A Coaster - Brilliant!

Both my husband and I started our careers in advertising agencies.  In fact, we both worked at the same agency at the same time but never met each other (different accounts, different floors, and I was a lowly secretary and he was 7 years older and wiser).  Anyway, as a result we both pay attention to commercials in a different way than those who haven't worked in advertising.

Years ago there was a Guinness commercial that we loved and still quote to this day...it ends with the line "A coaster - Brilliant!".

So, what does this have to do with this blog post?  The other day I was thinking about the first scarf I wove and how I would never wear it as it was just too stiff.

Then I had a thought - why not felt the scarf and cut it into 4x4 squares with my rotary cutter and turn it into coasters?


I didn't have any Guinness so Rolling Rock would have to do!  I found some gross-grain ribbon and made 2 sets of four to sell in my LYS.

There is a woman in one of my class who makes Chanukah gifts every year - she saw these and was inspired for this year's gift.  I had to explain to her they were not knit - they are woven.  Don't think she'll fall down that rabbit hole but she might try knitting and felting some.

I had 3 coasters leftover - I put them out on the coffee table and my husband took such a shine to them he retired the other ones we had been using.  Guess that is a success story right there.



Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Sometimes inspiration comes to us in the weirdest ways. I think your coasters are lovely.

Jennifer said...

I especially love that you had two different crafting events with the same project - weaving and felting!