April 9, 2015

Podcasts new to me

I recently discovered a few new podcasts - I love podcasts.  I listen to them while walking, when I weave, in the car on long drives - they are company, they are informative, they are inspiring.

Woolful is a podcast full of fibery goodness from beginning to end.  The host, Ashley Yousling, interviews all sorts of people associated with fiber in some way.  What I love most about her style is she lets the person she is interviewing speak at length without interruption.  There is a back and forth but when these talented people talk about their craft, their passion comes through as they aren't being prompted - they are speaking from the heart.

I also stumbled upon Pomcast - an offshoot of PomPom Quarterly, a British publication.  The interviews are wonderful as is the banter between the two hosts. It makes me want to check out PomPom Quarterly.

In keeping with the British theme, Curious Handmade has also hit my radar screen.  This too has good interviews and prattle about all things knitterly.

Would love to hear if you have a podcast you like - there are more listed in my sidebar.

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