September 1, 2009

All Buttoned Up

I'm all buttoned up after hitting the local sewing store. I got my Annikki finished last Friday during a rainstorm. It took hours to sew on the button bands but it really turned out well. I see this as being a definite staple in my wardrobe.

A close-up of the buttons I chose. It really is hard finding the right buttons.

This is my Tilted Duster. It still needs to be blocked so the hem doesn't curl. I love how it looks and you can get an idea of what a wardrobe staple it will be with jeans. It is VERY warm.

The buttons have a bit of color variation on them which makes them interesting but not fighting with the sweater. The color isn't very true in this shot...the one above is better.


Joyce said...

Like you in the reddish-purple one. I admire your patience with those stocking stitches ;)

Patt said...

You always do such really pretty things. I haven't made myself any sweaters, but you inspire. I have made plenty for others, though. Don't know why I don't knit for myself.