September 25, 2009

What to Do?

I was trucking along on my Twisted V Pullover and was working both sleeves at the same time. I followed the directions for the cap shaping and started to realize something was wrong - very wrong! This is not a sleeve cap! I am supposed to knit until it is 5 1/2 inches from the first bind off row - this will look ridiculous.

I checked that I had the right needle size so I wouldn't do what Jennifer did with her Ribbi Cardi.
Check - right size needles.

I reread the instructions which had me decrease every right side row 8 times until I had 27 stitches.
Check - that's what I did.

I searched all over Ravelry and Interweave Knits to see if there was an errata page...nope.

Now what? Make it up? I think I need to rip it out as it is wrong but I don't know the solution. I think the decreases should be every other right side row.

I want to finish this as I know I will wear it a lot and will wear it soon. Grrrr. Any suggestions?

This is my 10 Stitch Afghan I started after I got the idea from KnitCrazy's comment on my blog contest. This reminds me of my baseball blanket I made and it's fun to find which color to go with next. I have so many other projects on needles this is kind a mindless knit for when I have 5-10 minutes to will take a LONG time to complete.

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