September 12, 2009

Cleaning out My Knitting Closet - Mini Stash Flash

It was an overcast, dreary Saturday so in addition to baking cookies, doing laundry, changing the beds, etc. I decided to clean out my knitting closet.

I have these two shoe/sweater organizers in which I store my stash. I rearranged all the stash and put it in neat piles of work to be done, Cascade 220, etc.

I straightened my book and magazine collection as well.

Now, I have some remnant balls and I don't know what to do with them. They aren't a lot of yarn skein by skein but a lot collectively. Some wool here.

Some Knit Picks Shine and CotLin.

Just in case you were wondering what happened to cherished skein of Qiviuk has moved to the top shelf of the organizer. Front and center. Now I need to thing about what to make with it and savor every moment knitting it.
Next blog post: a contest! Yup, I'm having a contest and you can win something if you give advice on some other quandries I have...

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