October 15, 2009

Counting Down to Rhinebeck

Like so many fiber lovers, I'm counting down to Rhinebeck. This will be the third year I've gone. The first time was with my knitting sister, her son, our mom and my daughter. It was warm and beautiful and people were shedding their handknit items in the strong sun. I was overwhelmed and bought only a few skeins here and there. We fell in love with the spun maple sugar (like cotton candy).

Last year, it was just my daughter and me. It was quite cold and we had on our Fetching fingerless mitts to help keep warm. We had a plan and made purchases which were intended for specific projects. We bought 2 bags of spun maple sugar - one for eating and one to bring home.

This year, we're taking a Rhinebeck newbie with us...my friend Kathy who lives down the street and who I've been helping learn to knit. This year might present us with our first Rhinebeck challenge as the weather forecast is predicting rain and SNOW!?! I hope it doesn't turn our favorite mother/daughter outing into something miserable. I don't have a plan for purchasing right now...I might just buy a special skein or two this year.

Let's hope the weather man is WRONG!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun tradition! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for nice weather - I'll be out camping all weekend - so I'm really, really keeping my fingers crossed! Have fun.

sylphette (Sarah) said...

I am going for the first time this year, and I'm so psyched. I'm telling myself that the frigid weather won't mind, but I might change my tune halfway through the day... Hope to see you around the barns!

Karen said...

I've been sadly watching the weather forecast and hoping they'll be wrong. Last year, I wore my February Lady and FROZE - and I've already been lectured about dressing warmly even if it hides the hand-knit sweater. *sigh* I've got a list of projects I need yarn for all set to go!! :)