October 16, 2009

Knowing When To Realize It Isn't Meant To Be

This morning I woke up to snow, read the weather forecast for this weekend and realized that our annual outing to Rhinebeck is not meant to be. As I said yesterday, we have such wonderful memories and experiences and I don't want to add a miserable one to all the good ones.

I'm a trooper. I can deal with cold - heck we keep our heat at 56 degrees and I wear many layers. It is the cold, with rain and snow that is the problem. I don't relish driving a total of 3 hours for only an hour or two at Rhinebeck...it is a wonderful place but it IS a fairground. Open structures, no heat, nothing.

So, I'll live vicariously this year and spend a day with Miss America doing something else - she was in tears this morning when I told her. I think it is the mother/daughter time she's wanting most of all - it is our special outing.

I'm bummed...but is isn't meant to be...this year.


Karen said...

Oh no!!!! I just left a comment on your other post, but now I see you've called your Rhinebeck adventure off. :( Sorry you won't be there.

Sara said...

Oh no! Well, I hope you two find something just as special to do. I'm sure if you are together it will be.

Kathy said...

YOu made a good and wise decision. Smart knit friend.