October 9, 2009

Sweater Chop Shop

My friend Melissa went to a book sellers conference and returned with a ton of books including a copy of this book for me - in fact, she even waited in line and got it autographed by the author Crispina Ffrench. She has a cool Etsy store too.

It is full of wonderful ideas for felted sweaters - I think the pillow I made could be in it! In fact, my mom was visiting and she told me I should start selling them.

Check out the tunic top on the cover - Miss America is in love with it and I would love to make it for her. Now the mission is to find old sweaters to felt and not at a great expense.

I went to the thrift shop in our town and $8 for a wool sweater is NOT what I had in mind. I might have to email my friends and see if they have any old wool sweaters they no longer want.

Anyway, check out this book...it has some wonderful items in it.


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

I find more than I can ever use at yard sales and the price is right--I never spend more than a dollar for a sweater to felt. Lambswool usually felts beautifully, very thick, and cashmere (yup, I find cheap cashmere!) works well too.

louseey said...

This book looks awesome. I love the ornaments and the blanket. Also, what pillow did you make? I better keep looking through your site and ravelry.