October 22, 2009

Very Annoying Problem with My Ingenue

As you can see I've been working hard on my Ingenue...I've been substitute teaching all week and the kids have been reading a lot so I can knit while they read.

The first Ingenue I made was dark blue so this annoying problem wasn't evident...in this lovely dusty rose it is huge.

There are decreases right in the front and back to give some waist shaping. I've already ripped it out once as the SSKs are kind of bulky and obvious.

The K2tog are subtle...blend in.

So here's the question...do I just do K2Tog instead of the SSK in that one spot???? I realize they are different slants for shaping but they really look awful and they are in an obvious place - right on the girls.

I think I'll work on something else today and let this sit before ripping out 5 inches again. I'd appreciate any advice.


Karen said...

I'm not sure how you do your SSKs, but I've heard if you slip the first stitch knit-wise and the second stitch purl-wise, it will look neater. Not sure if that will help. My SSKs are always more obvious then my K2togs too. Maybe a good blocking will help even it out too? Might be worth knitting a small swatch with some SSKs and see what blocking can do for it before you rip out all that hard work again. Keep us posted!!

Lorette said...

I have trouble with the SSK's looking good, too. Have you read TECHknitting? She has a whole post about those left leaning decreases and how to make them look better.