December 18, 2009

Christmas Ideas

I don't have anything interesting to show you from a knitting standpoint...everything is stockinette and boring to look at right now.
So, I'm showing you my idea for my knitting sister's Christmas gift. I'm quite sure she doesn't read my blog. If she does, she's never commented and it hasn't shown up on any of the visitor tracking.
In addition to the cowl I made and some other things, I found this book on Amazon - Hattitude. Love the name and even better it has some wonderful hats in it. While I am not a big fan of knitting hats (I always worry they won't fit and I hate wearing hats as they bother me), my sister has made lots of hats in the past. She and her family ski a lot and hats are essential. I did flip through it before wrapping it up and shipping it off and I think she might have some requests from her kids for new hats.
Now, a last minute shopping idea if you need it...I received a wonderful gift from my sister (we draw names in our family) which came via e-mail. She gave me a gift subscription to Netflix! They have all different levels - 1-3 DVD's and different numbers of months - it let's you accomodate your budget. She gave me 3 months of 1 DVD at a time and I already have my DVD waiting to be watched tomorrow when the snow starts falling!
Okay, I'm off to substitute teach in 6th grade social studies. Happy Friday!


Ida said...

Sounds like your sister gave you a great gift! Personally I love hats - so you have reciprocated!

Beth said...

Great gift idea for your sister! Have a nice weekend!

Krista said...

That book is now on my wish list!