December 10, 2009


Yup, I've cast on for another project...actually I did it so I would have something small to work on when I got into NYC this Saturday to have some fun with my mom and sister who are visiting for the weekend. I'll have some time on the train so I cast on Ulmus by Kirsten Kapur.

I'm making the smallest (11") scarf sized one using Knit Picks Stroll Handpainted in colorway Make Believe alternating with Knit Picks Stroll in colorway Midnight Heather. I know that variegated yarns can be dicey sometimes but since you alternate the solid with the variegated every two rows, you get a great effect.

I'm loving how this looks and I'm a little addicted to it - a very easy pattern and repeat.


Beth said...

I hadn't seen that pattern yet. I like it! And the two yarns look great together! Have fun in NYC!

Jennifer said...

It's lovely - the colors are the perfect complements to each other - and it's so soft, yet delicate. It will be a dazzling scarf