December 28, 2009

Giving is So Much Better Than Receiving

Especially, when you knit something and get a reaction like my friend Kimberly did...check out this video on her blog. I know Kimberly's mom and her enthusiasm is contagious - I know that this knitted gift will be loved.

Recently, one of my non-knitting sisters asked me if I had any scarves in my store of knitted items. I had two, Saphira and Wisp (Ravelry links). So, I boxed them up and mailed them to her. In our family we draw names for Christmas and I didn't have her name on my list but I figured if you ask for a knitted item and I have you, you shall receive.

I called my sister before Christmas to make sure the box got there - she had stowed it away thinking it was a Christmas gift. So, I told her to open it and I had an audio reaction to the package that was similar to Kimberly's mom's reaction. My sister immediately decided on a grey sweater for the day and was going to wear the Saphira scarf with it.

Giving is definitely so much better than receiving.


Beth said...

That was a great video! It certainly does feel good to know that someone appreciates knitting. I'm glad your sister enjoyed her scarves!

Anonymous said...

That reaction is what makes all the stess of deadline knitting so worth it!

Kathy said...

Have to agree when those knit for are so appreciative!

B said...

Thank you, my dear sister! I ADORE my new scarves. What a treat.

Kimberly said...

In the holiday crunch and craziness, I missed this blog post.... thank you, thank you, dear friend for sending attention to my little blog.... so lucky to have your friendship.... Is it summer yet?