December 30, 2009

Year End Review

I realized that at the end of last year I made some resolutions about what I wanted to do with my knitting in 2009. As usual, resolutions aren't always met...let's see

1. Write up the pattern for my daughter's cardigan. - NOT DONE...should have written it when I finished knitting I forget everythign I did.
2. Use the Berrocco Touche I have and make a summer sweater. DONE! But I don't really like is what I made.
3. Design another sweater for my daughter...almost Done...have to make the sleeves and it is sitting in a pile while I do other things.
4. Start an advent calendar with at least 2 mittens a month. DONE! And used this Christmas with great delight...however Jennifer pointed out I need to make another one so both kids have one when they are grown up. Guess I should keep going on this.
5. Knit items ahead of season so I can wear them when appropriate. DONE! I made Annikki and Tilted Duster this summer and wore them all fall/winter. Right now I'm working on Inca Marl Coat which will be perfect for March/April wearing.
6. Take a class and learn something new. NOT DONE...sadly that didn't happen but maybe next year? It's hard to commit to a few weeks of classes when I substitute teach...I'm already booked 5 days in January.

Well, there is more green than red on my list so I guess my knitting resolutions were successful. Did you make any last year? How did you do?

I'm going to reflect on next year and give you a new does help to have some goals.


Beth said...

Yea for green! Goals definitely help me, too.

Sara said...

Seems to me you did a great job on your list!