December 8, 2009

Unbelievable Realization

Last night as I was drifting off to sleep, an unbelievable realization hit me...I didn't knit a single stitch yesterday!

That just shows that my arm is bothering me enough that I did other things instead. It is this odd pain when I raise my arm over my head - a stiff muscle almost. I think it comes from holding my arm up to knit.

Today, I'm doing other things too like shopping online and wrapping gifts. Tomorrow, I am teaching in 2nd grade (weather permitting as a storm is heading our way) and I can't knit while in 2nd grade - 6th grade is another story.

All this poses a question - are there warmup excercises for knitting? When I told my DH I had injured my arm from all that knitting I did, he laughed out loud and said he didn't realize knitting was a contact sport. Good thing I didn't have a pointy needle when he said that - actually, it made me laugh too.


Jennifer said...

Oh yes - repetitive motion injuries are not fun! I'll show you a few good stretches. I think yoga is the counter to all the knitting muscles. Also taking a break from time to time. We'll do some knitting stretches on Thursday.

Beth said...

Knitting stretches - I think you two should write a book! There are so many books out there but I don't think I've seen one about exercises for knitting. I'm not being sarcastic. I think it could be a fun book. :)