May 11, 2010

Fun to Knit

Yesterday I went to Jennifer's so she could show me how to work the pouch on the Wonderful Wallaby. Jennifer is a Wallaby wonder herself - she's made a ton of them. So after a quick instruction I got my pouch started. When I got home I knit it to the body and reached the point where I had to finish the sleeves. One sleeve down, one to go. This really is a fun knit.

I've also been working on this while at baseball games. It looks like a very long turtleneck but really will be a jumper for Miss America. The skirt part is mindless and before I know it I'll be knitting the straps.

I'm beginning to get cast-on-itis but am holding off to finish my Mountain View Cardigan - I'm almost done with the body and casting on sleeves should take care of my need to cast on something new.


Beth said...

I love the Wallaby in blue! Great projects!

Jennifer said...

Yeah! Another Wallaby victim. You're going to love this pattern. Funny how the color looks like a royal blue instead of a navy blue (at least on my computer screen). It was great fun to get together again.

Sara said...

AAAAGH! Wallabys are everywhere! :-)