May 6, 2010

When Webs Has a Sale

I go shopping! I can't resist when Cascade 220 is on is a wonderful workhorse yarn. I picked up this lovely colorway called Pacific which I think I'm going to make a Christina sweater with... got to love that you can make a sweater for $30!

You can see some Plymouth Encore (also on sale which I picked up for $15 to make a Wallaby).

Then I got some heathered black called Jet which I want to use to make a Monday Morning Cardigan.

Last is some Northhampton Bulky by Valley Yarns (not on sale but still affordable) to make a Shalom for Miss America.

Now Webs has new yarns on sale in May! I might be in trouble...there are some that I want to try.


Thea said...

All good buys!

I had to restrain myself from the Cascade 220 and the Ultra Alpaca....

Sara said...

Great yarns and great patterns. I look forward to seeing the FOs.