May 17, 2010

Such An Honor

Imagine my surprise when I was doing my daily surf to find I had been nominated for The Beautiful Blogger Award by my knitting buddy, Jennifer (aka Major Knitter). Thank you Jennifer! Wow and
as I was saying to you that I was thinking of abandoning my blog but just can't bring myself to do it yet.

Now, here's the tricky part - I have to reveal 7 interesting things about myself as part of my "acceptance speech" - this comes at a time in my life where I am not feeling very interesting at all...but I'll give it a shot.

1. When I was 12 we moved from a gated community in NY to a farm in Virginia. I consider myself lucky to have had 2 different worlds as part of my life and experiences. It is why I know how to use a fingerbowl and which cutlery to use first at a fancy restaurant AND I know how to bale hay, pick corn and get a possum out of the henhouse.
2. I am not good with blood and when I cut myself I tend to get "woozy". We realized this when I was 6 or 7 and fell off of the milkbox (they are not stable to stand on I learned the hard way) and when I really cut my knee I got all woozy. Now I know the feeling and lie down right away. I can't give blood (I have tried) and the only time I did give blood and didn't pass out was when I was pregnant (mind over matter).
3. I can't stand the feeling of velvet. My mom recalls that even when I was little I couldn't touch it and was cranky when I had a velvet dress on. When Miss America was a baby and was given a velvet dress I'd somehow get it on her but when I had to pick her up I'd scoop her up underneath her dress so I wouldn't touch the velvet. My sisters all thought I was batty with this idiocincracy but my knitting sister realized her son has the same texture problem and was a bit more understanding. For this reason (and others) chenille is not a fiber I will knit with!
4. I'm one of 4 girls. I'm the eldest and my youngest sister is 9 years younger than me. It's almost a generation gap as I was out of the house and in college and working for a good part of her teenage years. My parents used me as the best cheap babysitter when they were little - I was paid 25 cents an hour.
5. I have battled with my weight for a good part of my life...from high school through college and my first working years I was 35+ pounds heavier than I am now. When I was 25 or 26 I buckled down, went to Weight Watchers and got the weight fluctuates every now and then and sometimes it drives me crazy that I always will have to monitor what I eat (which is hard when you love to cook as much as I do).
6. I can stack firewood like a pro (this probably ties in with point #1) - when we lived on the farm we had a wood burning furnace and my dad got 40 cords of wood one fall. That was one big woodpile. Whenever we get firewood now, I'm in charge of stacking it - my DH likes to joke he as the best stacked wife who knows how to stack firewood.
7. I love my husband and children fiercely...don't ever put them down in my presence as I become a mother tiger.

Now, I after all this I get to pass the torch of the Beautiful Blogger and while there are so many bloggers I find worthy, I nominate my friend Kimberly.

Kimberly spends her summer in the same small town I do...we had met a few times but it really clicked when I ran into her and I had a crochet hook in my hand after helping another neighbor finish a sweater. She asked if I crocheted and I said no but I knit. Kimberly does both and she also designs GORGEOUS crochet patterns. From that moment I feel like I've found a new dear friend who I can talk to about everything and anything and who has a passion for fiber and understands my passion for knitting. She is beautiful inside and out and I wish we lived closer.

So, Kimberly, congrats you Beautiful Blogger - can't wait to see you soon.


Beth said...

Great post, Estella! I've been wondering about giving up my blog, too. But I enjoy blogging so I'm going to wait, too.

Sara said...

Congrats! I hope you don't abandon the blog. I enjoy reading and seeing your knitting progress/FOs