January 15, 2011

It's a Small, Small World!

The other day I received my Classic Elite Newsletter email - the usually have a wonderful pattern and I always make sure to look through it. This time I saw this wonderful scarf called Daniel's Kumara Scarf. Then I read through the article and they talked about the designer, Heather McVickar. Now until I was 12 I lived in a small town about 45 minutes away from NY City. All the kids went to the same private school and everyone knew everyone. I knew a Heather McVickar and the coincidence was enough to make me go on Facebook and see if she was there as Ravelry didn't have any more info on her.

So, I sent Heather a message and asked if she was the same person as I remembered from years ago - she's a few years older than me so I mentioned I was a year younger than her brother. Sure enough she's the same person (we are now friends on FB and Ravelry) AND get this...she works for Classic Elite Yarns. Oh, wouldn't you love to have that job?

Anyway, here's how beautiful her scarf is - it's one I'm going to make one day. I think it would be wonderful to make for a college bound kid and use the school colors (if they are good colors).

Had to share my small, small world story.


bmom said...

A small world indeed. And I loved that scarf when I got my CE newsletter.

Beth said...

That's really cool! And I noticed that lovely scarf, too.

Jennifer said...

Ooh - I love those kind of stories. The scarf is great! Makes me think it might be a good one for The Red Scarf Project since it's a unisex scarf.

Kathy said...

Small world stories absolutely freak out my daughter Al. YOURS is a great one! LOVE the scarf. I know you'll knit up a beauty in that pattern