January 20, 2011

Snow Day Stitching

Tuesday morning we awoke to a little snow and enough ice to make it a snow day. The kids were thrilled and I took it as a chance to get some knitting related work done. I had made a Coraline way back in the spring but never got to putting on the buttons. It required a bit of clever work creating a loop from embroidery floss. I had all the materials but no desire to make them. So, I stitched up my button loops this past Tuesday and now my sweater is wearable again. I really see this as a March/April sweater as it is a spring color to me.

I have another FO which I haven't photographed yet - later this week hopefully I can get Miss America to be my photographer. Anyway, it had some buttons. So I dug through my button jar and recycled these buttons for the shoulder of the sweater. It felt good to get all this stitching out of the way so I can perhaps cast on another project.


Anonymous said...

The Coraline you knit looks so gorgeous. And goodness, do I have to tell you again of how beautiful the colour is. I think you have a really good eye for colour and always pick quite attractive pieces. You seem to know your yarns for certain patterns.

It looks so great and the buttons give it such a great touch. It looks vintage but in an up to date stylish sort of way :) I hope that makes sense ! I love it and would be proud to wear it !

Beth said...

Great button choices!