January 11, 2011

What Else Is In My Ears

Okay, now that I've admitted my addiction to The Knit Wits podcast (and I hope those of you who checked it out enjoyed it as much as I do), I thought I'd fill you in on what other podcasts I listen to while running my errands or walking the dog.

I heard on one podcast that you should give a podcast at least 3 episodes before you decide if you like it or not. These are the ones that have made it past the 3 episode criteria - in no particular order they are:

The Savvy Girls Podcast features two sisters - Melanie and Deborah. Melanie is living in NYC right now and has an amazing singing voice...she's a bit of a knitter but not as much as her sister. Deborah is living in Bogata and knits quite a bit. They have some wacky adventures when they are together and their banter back and forth with their Canadian accents is wonderful.

Never Not Knitting is hosted by knitwear designer Alana Dakos. She has a very calm voice and she tells of her designing efforts. She often has great contests (not that I've won yet) and sometimes has special promotions where you can buy patterns at a discount (that I've done). She has interviews with other designers and sometimes has "essays" where other designers tell their back story.
The Knitmore Girls is a mother/daughter podcast featuring Gigi (mother) and Jasmin(daughter). These ladies knit a lot and they have great input and advice about patterns, yarns, etc. It was the Knitmore Girls that put me onto The Knit Wits (very funny bit about Gigi describing Rick's voice and comparing it to dark chocolate and Rick's response in one of their podcasts).
I've also listened to Knit Knit Cafe which is a mother/son podcast and is relatively new. It has potential and I'm sticking with it for now. I do check out the Webs podcast - Ready Set Knit. They discuss yarn sales at Webs and I've found some good ones this way - they have good interviews too.
That's it for now...next post I promise I'll show knitting. I almost have 2 FOs to show.


Geri said...

Haven't gotten into podcasts yet, but the ones you listed sound like fun! Can't wait to see you finished projects!

Kathy said...

I can try them out today....it is snowing...I am blogging, knitting....listening!! Thanks for great suggestions. I will letcha know what I liked okay??? Letcha is a word....

Anonymous said...

Including the Knit Wits and the other three you posted, those TOO are my favorite !!! Great choices

Beth said...

I was listening to podcasts quite a bit for a while then got out the habit. I listened to Never Not Knitting (cute theme song!) and The Knitting Show (no longer going).

I'll have to try out your suggestions!

Melanie Gall said...

Thanks so much for the good words about the pcast (and see - if I were knitting right now, I wouldn't be Googling our podcast and I wouldn't ever have found this...just saying :))
I love the pink shawl you made, and the 'halftime hat'!