January 7, 2011

My Latest Addiction

About a year ago I started listening to knitting podcasts...and about 3 months ago I became addicted to a few of them and one in particular. But first let me backtrack...I was at our weekly knitting group organized by Jennifer when Lisa (warning a lot of these links are going to be Ravelry links) mentioned a few more to me and sent them to me in an email with a few notes about each one. Now sometimes these podcasts have sponsors/advertisers and sometimes they share promos from each others podcasts...and that is how I discovered my latest addiction.

The Knit Wits Podcast!

I missed the first few ones - I started with Episode 6 - The Dread Stocking Robert - and I was hooked. The podcast is done by Carin and Rick Reilly (sp?). She's the Knit and he's the Wit...he worked in radio for years and does voiceovers now and it really adds to the quality of the podcasts. Their rapport, banter, conversations...everything is wonderful. Sometimes I've laughed so hard I almost have to pull over the car. The conversation ranges from knitting to their lives to what is in their wineglass...it is funny, it is HYSTERICAL, it is touching and moving at times too.

I can't do this podcast justice here - go listen to it (it is on iTunes and they have a Ravelry group too). I suggest you start with Episode 1 - lucky you as you have 17 episodes to listen to. As I mentioned I started with Episode 6 and listened through 10 or so then went back to the beginning when I had a long drive ahead of me (imagine a 7 hour drive and it flew by as I listened to these podcasts).


Kim said...

Going to itunes right now!

Lorette said...

I went and downloaded them all, too. You had me at "wineglass" ;-)