November 7, 2009

Look What I Scored

As my loyal readers know, I adore our local library and feel so fortunate to be in a community with such an amazing resource.

Anyway, they have a book sale 3-4 times a year and I tend to get there on the 2nd day and find books for the kids, me and I always check the knitting section. A while back I scored a Christmas Stocking book which had some good ornament patterns.

Miss America and I were there when the sale started on Friday afternoon and while she rushed to the young adult books I rushed to the knitting section...look what I scored! Debbie Bliss Baby Knits for $1 (originally $25) and EZ's Knitting without Tears in hardback for only 50 cents!

The shelves weren't very organized and I had to rummage to find these. On my way out I noticed a woman had a mitten shaped knitting book and I waited to see if she kept it or not - almost hovering ready to grab it (scary isn't it). She kept it and I realized that mittens aren't my favorite knit and I can find plenty online (like how I justify that one?).

Thank you dear library!


Sara said...

I am faint with jealousy. While I already own KWT, it is the newer, paperback version. I swoon at your vintage hardback!

Jennifer said...

Great find. I'm glad you didn't yank that mitten book out of that dear woman's hands. That wouldn't have made very good headlines. : )

Anonymous said...

Great find! I love that you followed the woman with the mitten book - I'd have done the same thing.

Joyce said...

So enjoyed reading this post. The last part about following the woman with the mitten shaped book...too funny.