November 15, 2009

A Time Capsule

The other day my friend, Melissa, handed me a bag with a project I had started helping her knit almost 14 years ago. She never finished it and her son is now too big for the sweater she had in mind.

What she didn't realize is what a time capsule this was for me. In the bag was a 1988 issue of Vogue Knitting. Look it has my maiden name and is from when I lived and worked in NYC.

Check out the wild patterns back then.

I think the reason I saved this 1988 issue up to 1996 (when we started the sweater) was for this one photo (the one of the guy and girl in blue and white)...the male model is a family friend who briefly modeled quite a bit in NYC. I thought it was so cool to see him in my knitting magazine.

Now the wonderful thing about this issue which I didn't appreciate in my 20's is an article written by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It was for this cute modular tomtem jacket. The very pattern Melissa was making for her son.

Here's how far she got on the jacket. Part of me thinks I should finish it but part of me knows that my gauge and hers will be 2 different things.

I also had loaned her my "Learn to Knit" book which was my far knitting has come since then!
What a fun blast to the past!
PS. I apologize for the awful spacing of the paragraphs - I've been trying to fix it but this stupid blogger software won't work that way for me today.


Jennifer said...

Hahaha - that's a great find. You and BF were neighbors back then. How funny is that? Which retro project are you going to knit next?

Sara said...

Oh my! I had that same "Learn to Knit" book. (I wonder where that thing is?) I have some magazines going way back as well. Sometimes for spits and giggles I'll pull one out and wonder if we actually dressed that way.

Anonymous said...

I had that same Learn to Knit book when my daughter was little (late 80's). I had the Learn to Crochet book too which I bought in the early 70's. Loved those books!

a friend to knit with said...

oh my gosh! that must have been so much fun to see!!

and guess who wore that little totem jacket? LIBBY!
my mom made it for her when she was, um, maybe 1!!!!!! SO CUTE! (and she made it in the grey and red, also... i will have to look for the pic)