March 3, 2010

Fiberlicious and Precious

I always get in trouble when I get an email from Webs with their new clearance items. I saw this yarn called Fragrance by Artful Yarns. The yarn names are after perfumes and I fell in love with the one called "Joy". This photo is quite true to color - I'm learning that cloudy days and no flash help with true color pictures. I got 9 skeins and am thinking of making this.

Then I saw this Ranco by Auraucania - lovely fuschia for a pop of spring. I'm thinking I can use my Whimsical Little Knits patterns and make a Scroll Lace Scarf to usher in the spring.

I'm still plugging away on my ruffle - 75 more yards and then I have to block the hell out of it to make it stretch.

Now for the precious part of my post. The other day our dog Missy was lying in the sun while I was on the computer. I looked down and noticed she's a lady even when she is asleep - her paws are crossed! She crosses her paws when she's laying upright and it is always left over right paw - here it is too.

Isn't she precious?!


Karen said...

Oh yes, those Webs emails can be dangerous. :) What gorgeous yarns though - good call on adding them to the stash!! What sweet pics of the doggie too, love those crossed paws.

Beth said...

Love the dog photos! So cute! I'm not on the Webs email list. Maybe that's a good thing? :)

Andrea said...

Awwww, what a darling pup!