March 4, 2010

Good for a Giggle

I was listening to a podcast which had an interview with Rachel Herron (Yarn-a-go-go) who has written her first book called "How to Knit A Love Song". Jennifer wrote about the book today on her blog and after hearing the premise I think I'll be reading it soon too.

I always learn little tidbits as I listen to these podcasts - I usually listen to them in the car then rush home and check out whatever was mentioned online.

Rachel mentioned this blog she participates in call Romancing the Yarn which combines the world of romance writers and knitters. I went and checked it out and had to share this gave me a giggle and made me think if my special skein of Qiviut which is nestled in my stash and I should do something with it but I tremble at the thought. I want it to be right and then I fear after knitting with such gold it will be hard to go back to other fibers.


Jennifer said...

LOVE the cartoon! I have some Quiviak. We should decide what to knit with it and come up with a summer knit-a-long.

The book was enjoyable. Just one problem. Now I'm considering moving to Cypress Falls, CA and opening a yarn shop while BF ranches sheep.

Kimberly said...

Anything you make with the quivit will be beautiful, I did get a huge chuckle!!