March 10, 2010

A Time to Knit, A Time to FROG!

Back in September, I cast on a sweater that Miss America and I were designing together. I was knitting it from the bottom up and it had a lace panel in the center and a pleated effect just above the bustline. The neck would have been scooped with 3/4 sleeves which flared. However, I hit a wall. I wasn't feeling the love. It wasn't going to work...I should have knit from the top down.

It lay there for months...mocking me, taunting me, haunting me. I wanted to frog it but Miss America kept saying "Mom, you put so much work into it!" Not really and not enough to let me know this was a failure from the start. So today it is a time to Frog!

I did cast on another project with the Montana yarn I bought back in January - I saw someone had used it to make the Darkside Cowl. It's a bit smaller than a cowl should be and I didn't want to frog yet again. I pulled it on my head and it is looking like a fantastic hat. Now I just have to do some creative decreases at the top to keep the pattern looking right and I should have a hat very soon....yes, this is a time to Knit!


Jennifer said...

Missed you today. I'm sorry about your projects taunting you. That's so unkind. Hope you get the right mojo for that yarn soon. Happy knitting!

Beth said...

Very creative solution to the cowl problem!