March 1, 2010

Just Short of the Finish Line

Well, as hard as I tried knitting during the FOFI Olympics, I came short of the finish line probably because I chose not to watch the closing ceremonies.

Here's my Inca Marl Coat with the ruffle loosely pinned around the edge. As you can see I still have a bit to go. Fortunately, my 2 extra skeins arrived and I've already dipped into one. I think I'll be doing a bit of pulling and tugging during the blocking of the ruffle so that it fits around the whole edge.

I don't think I would have gotten this far if I hadn't committed to knitting only on the ruffle during Olympic viewing. Yesterday I had to put it down after team USA sent the gold medal hockey game into overtime - I was worried I was knitting too tightly over the edge of your seat action. Sadly, Team USA lost the game and my Olympic knitting came to an end.


Beth said...

That looks so beautiful! You are going to love having that done and you're really close!

Thanks for having the FOFI Olympics! I didn't quite finish my goal in time either but got some things done that would still otherwise be sitting in my knitting basket!

Rue said...

It must be nice to have the end in sight! Good luck with the last little bits.

I'm glad I've inspired you to pick up Coraline again. The yoke patterning is a lot of fun!