March 12, 2010

Go Dog Go!

Every time I make a hat or wear a hat I think of PD Eastman's book "Go Dog Go!" It was one of our kids' favorites and our favorite lines involved the hat the female dog was wearing. She'd start the conversation with a male dog and it went like this:
"Do you like my hat?"
"No, I do not like your hat."

Then at the end when she has a great hat on the male dog enthusiastically likes her hat. Sounds silly but we loved it and we all recite the lines above when it comes to hats.

So, I was making a Darkside Cowl and it wasn't big enough so I turned it into a hat (details on my project page). I put it on myself and my husband did the "No, I do not like your hat". However, Miss America liked it very much. I don't think it looks good on me as I have supershort hair and all you see is hat. What is good about it is it covers your ears and is warm. I'm hoping to grow my hair out (I'm working on growing it right now). Perhaps next winter, my husband my husband will be like the male dog in "Go Dog Go!"


Beth said...

I think it's a brilliant idea! Loved your post today.

Anonymous said...

I like your hat :-)

Thea said...

So love that book. We always say "stop dog stop. the light is red" and "go dog go. it's green ahead..."

the hat's great too!

Jennifer said...

I do! I do like your party hat!