September 20, 2012

Almost 100 - A Contest!

When you design patterns and put them on Ravelry there are some cool tools that help you keep an eye on how your patterns are doing.  While my for sale ones aren't doing gangbusters, I have 2 free ones that have lots of "hearts" (favorites).  My Farfalle Cardigan has 91 favorites!  It's almost to a hundred!

Now, the advertising person in me gets thinking.  It is to 91 (with only 5 projects) do I improve these numbers.  A contest!

Whoever makes the Farfalle Cardigan hit 100 favorites will be gifted one of my for sale patterns...I hope to have more soon.

Wait - I'm not done yet!  Whoever knits any of my patterns by end of year (should be easy as they are small) will be entered in a drawing.  What's the prize?  Let me work on that one...I'll get back to you.

So go to my designer page, check out my patterns and get knitting (shameless plug, huh?).

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