September 8, 2012

Between Project Knitting

After finishing my daughter's sweater, I felt a lull and lack of inspiration to start a big new project.  I have lots of ideas but I needed some "go to" knitting.  So I cast on a few Christmas ornaments.  These are earmarked for a silent auction for the kids' youth group back in CT.  They will decorate a wreath which I hope will do well in bidding.  I need to whip up a few more but I had fun making them.  I'm including a close up of the 2 sweaters - I used to follow mini-sweater patterns but now I make up my own.  Good way for thinking of future sweater inspiration.


Kristen said...

I'm crazy over teensy sweaters, they are adorable!

Jennifer said...

Oh they're so cute! I really like these mini sweaters. They'll look fabulous on the tree!

Beth said...

The sweaters are so, so cute!!! You could start an Etsy shop selling those!