September 12, 2012

Found Among the Unpacked Boxes

This little guy was half done - he had his body but no head as I ran out of fiberfill as I was making him. I never got to the store last winter to finish him off and he got stuck in a bag which I found while rummaging among the boxes in our basement.

So in my errands yesterday I found an AC Moore, got some fiberfill and finished him off.  Now I want to make more.  Last year Jennifer made a whole slew - they really are fun to knit.  The pattern is called Let it Snowman and it is free!

Time to get some more white yarn - I used a soft white not pure white - kind of prefer that.  Then for the hat and scarf I grab any old leftover little bit of yarn.

There's time for everyone you to make one for everyone on your Christmas list - better yet, you can put them on wrapped presents as a decoration that later goes on the tree.

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Rebecca said...

What a great idea! I guess it is time to get a head start on things like this. I'm always so busy knitting things that can be worn that the fun decorations go by the wayside. Thanks for the little nudge today in that direction!