September 19, 2012

Little Knits

This past Saturday we were supposed to attend the ordination of our youth minister.  Josh is a special person in our lives and his wife, Hannah, and his daughter are special to us as well.  Hannah and Josh just moved around the same time we did which made parting a little easier for all of us.  Hannah was due with baby girl #2 in October.

We got a call 2 nights before the ordination that Hannah was in the hospital - her placenta was failing.  So the eve of Josh's planned ordination, they became parents for the second time - baby and mom are fine.  She's 6 weeks premature so I figured they needed something for her to wear.

I dove in my stash, found some Sirdar Baby Bamboo and found the Paxton pattern for preemies on Ravelry.  I wanted the blue sweater to be girly so I added an eyelet bit at the edge and got some lovely buttons with flowers.

A little knit for a little angel.

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