September 26, 2012

Fenway Firsts

My lovely cousin had tickets to go to a Red Sox game...she couldn't use them so she gave them to my family.  None of us had ever been to Fenway - a first for everyone.  Camera was packed, knitting was packed, layers were donned and we head out.

It was a lovely fall night last night and the house was packed as the Red Sox went up against the Rays. I have to share the knitting part of this though...

While discussing with my husband our plans to go to Fenway for a game, I told him what knitting I had ready - the conversation was as follows:
DH: Are you sure you can bring needles into the park?
Me: Yes, in fact some parks have special knitting nights called "stich n pitch".
DH: Really?
Me: Yes, Bridgeport Bluefish has an event every year. Also, Major Knitter always brings her knitting to Mets games.
DH: You know they should have a league wide annual event where knitters go and are given free yarn at a game...then they get tickets to come back later in the year and show what they made by walking around the bases holding it up....(then more ideas keep coming).
Me (after listening to another minute or 2 of ideas): My love, you'll always be a marketing guy and you've been married to a knitter for a very long time.

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