September 24, 2012

Self Timer Spot

Most of you know I had my classic spot for my self-timed photos of my hand knits.  It was taken leaning against a door while the camera was on a desk.  Here's a classic one:

Well, we moved and I haven't found my new spot - the key is getting the right height for the camera.  I used a different desk which is in our living/dining room and here's the shot.

Not my new favorite spot - I need the lean for the look and you can't lean here.  I'm working on it.  The usual desk is in the basement which looks like a disaster area.  I'll keep at the location.  Anyway, this is my Perry sweater by Michele Wang.  I used Cascade 220 and I love it.  I also used the great button band technique.


Jennifer said...

Ooh - but I like the new spot! It made me happy to see how you look so settled so quickly. LOVE the sweater. Hope to see you soon!

Lynneb said...

Sweaters are SO pretty, Estella! I love that little grosgrain ribbon detail on Perry. makes me want to knit a sweater!