July 21, 2013

Custom Fit Installment #1

Over the next month or so I'll be giving you updates on my Custom Fit beta testing for Amy Herzog.  This is a huge undertaking for her and I'm so excited to be part of it.  I am in the 5th group to be testing and should be starting my sweater in mid-August.

I swatched - probably not to the entire specs she wanted of 6"x6"...I did plain stockinette and realized I didn't want a stockinette sweater so I found a lovely textured pattern called "Dimples" and swatched that partway through the swatch.  It gives a denser fabric with some interest.

Here's my swatch:

On other fronts, I dropped of my Do You Like My Hat? to the owner of A Hundred Ravens and she loved it...we've started brainstorming for my next design.  Swatch is done and I hope to pick up some yarn this week and get creating.  Stay tuned!

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