July 27, 2013

What was I thinking?????

My sweet Swedish godfather asked me to make him a sweater...we discussed yarn, color and style.  He wanted a turtleneck "fishermans" sweater...his words.  I showed him the fisherman's rib and that's what he wanted in a natural white.  He paid for the yarn, Cascade 220, and gave me a turtleneck to use for measurements and I set to work.

What was I thinking to knit a whole sweater in this rib?  I will be stark raving mad by the end of it!

I even sent him Michele Wang's newest sweater - Squall - to see if I could zing it up a bit but he wants his simple sweater.  So here it is so far...

It's a vanilla sweater which I realized is perfect for him because every time my godmother and I went to Baskin Robins for ice cream he would ask for vanilla - seriously, who has all those flavors in front of them and wants vanilla?  My godfather - that's who!  So onward with the vanilla sweater - I think I'll have to find something tangier to knit in between.

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