July 4, 2013

Little Knits

I've been knitting some little knits lately - no, there aren't any babies anywhere on my horizon friend-wise (and I am certainly done with baby making).  I just like making them for stash busting.  I recently cranked out 2 over the past few months - I'll probably sell them at the Wayland Depot like I did with my ornaments at Christmas.

This one was an invention of my own - simple top down cardigan - I love stripes and you'll see that I kept it up with the other baby sweater.  This yarn was used for another cardigan and I had lots leftover so I plugged the colors into the Random Strip Generator and voila!  I love it.

This lovely little newborn cardigan used some stash yarn I had that once belonged to Kate Gilbert.  It is incredibly soft.  I used a free pattern but instead of 2 colors I went for 3.  I love the combination - it looks like something from Provence.  It needs a good blocking but otherwise it is good to go.  Again, the Random Stripe Generator came to the rescue.

Right now I'm working to make larger sizes for my Just One More Mitten pattern.  One pair down, several more to go.

I also have put my name into the ring to beta test Amy Herzog's new CustomFit software.  I find out next week...keep your fingers crossed as I would love to do this.  Kind of funny that I happen to be knitting her latest Asilomar pattern as this opportunity came up.

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