July 10, 2013

Farmer's Market Find

My daughter and I ventured out on a VERY hot Saturday to the local farmer's market in Natick Center.  There is a lovely town green right near a great yarn store, The Iron Horse.  As we strolled about and my daughter sampled all sorts of goodies, I noticed there was a yarn vendor.

Well, you know where we ended up lickety-split!  The vendor is an indie dyer with the label name of A Hundred Ravens.  As we are fingering the yarn (okay, I admit it as I am fondling and petting the yarn), I looked at her label and she lives right down the road in the same town.  Check her out also on Etsy.

So, we got to talking.  I told her I have designed a few patterns and she said she needed more patterns to sell with her yarn.  I told her I'd love to design something for her so I let my daughter pick the yarn which is their Danu line in the colorway Morgan.  I'm not surprised at the color choice as you've noticed purple is one of my daughter's favorites.

We discussed her pattern needs and she asked for mitts, mittens or a hat.  I think I'll go for mitts as I'm a bit mittened out right now.  She kindly gave me a designer discount and we were on our merry way.  I'm off to look at stitch patterns and swatch a bit...

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