July 7, 2013

I can barely contain myself!

Can you tell it is summer and I actually have time to post?  Lots going on and lots to share so I'll spread it out over a couple of days.  Here's the exciting story I have to share first!

When I saw that Amy Herzog was looking for Beta Testers for her new CustomFit software, I knew I wanted to be one of those few who was chosen.  I immediately emailed her and gave her my Ravelry ID and all sorts of other info including the fact that I worked for IBM years ago and was involved in purchasing ad space on the internet and am used to seeing roughed out software.  I also mentioned (timing is everything) that I was currently working on her Asilomar pattern.

Well, an email came through on Friday and the opening said this:

Hi everyone!
Hooray, we’d love to have you as a CustomFit beta tester! I’m so very, very excited to be working with you on this. Eeee! 

I could barely contain myself and my family thought I was a lunatic.  I get to pick a design from these options.

I have a sweater's worth of Cascade 220 in a lovely denim blue.  I'm leaning towards the first one and have swatched up a lovely textured pattern.  Here it is soaking - love that my Ziploc container is perfect for a swatch soak.

Last bit I realized (and I do believe things happen for a reason) is that Amy lives about an hour away.
More to come.


bmom said...

I'm thrilled as well - my swatch is drying right now. This will be so exciting.

Jennifer said...

Woohoo! Congratulations Estella. How very exciting. Can't wait to see the finished product. The sketches look enticing. Have fun.

Amy J said...

I'm sooo very happy that you are getting some very good news!! :)