April 21, 2009

Getting the Car Serviced Isn't That Painful

After cancelling my car service 3 times (life got busy and weekends were not working out to drop it off), I decided to suck it up and sit and wait for the car while it was being serviced. So, I went into the Toyota dealer this morning at 8:15 prepared with my knitting and my iPod. My new weapon on my iPod was the KnitPicks Podcast.

Now I had never really listened to one of these in full so I chose the interview with Wendy Bernard. As you know I love her Custom Knits book and I've made 2 Ingenues and a Slinky Ribs from it. It was so cool to hear her voice...I love reading her blog and now I can put a voice to her wonderful posts. The good news is she's working on a book like Custom Knits but including patterns for men and children. I can't wait! I highly recommend listening to this podcast.

So, my car service ended after only 45 minutes and the time flew between my knitting and my podcast. I think I need to download a few more! I did manage to finish the 2nd sleeve of my Cathardigan and have attached them to the body and am starting the raglan and v-neck shaping. More pics in a day or two.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, this reminded me I have my car booked in this morning for a big job, and here I am in my jammies knitting! Thanks :)

Karen said...

Knitting and podcasts (especially podcasts about knitting) seem to make everything better. :)

Jennifer said...

Knitting can sure make any chore zip by. What do other mortals do when they have to run errands? How do they survive?

; )

Can't wait to see the pictutres.

a friend to knit with said...

thank heaven for knitting!
i seriously don't know what i would do without it.
especially in times like those!

Michele said...

Greetings from Seoul! Glad that everything went well with your car. Our car has arrived in Korea. I need to get car insurance, my driver's license and get the car inspected locally before I can drive it. The traffic here reminds me of driving in Italy, Turkey (i.e crazy!) so I'm not really looking forward to it. But it'll certainly be convenient for transporting big purchases. Hope all's well!