April 30, 2009

Is it Just Me?

The other day my new issue if Interweave Knits came in the mail. I'm usually so excited when it arrives and often post about what I want to make from the issue. Well, the most recent issue arrived and I was less than thrilled...now that I think about it the winter issue made me feel that way.

I thought it might just be me so when I was at Jennifer's yesterday I threw it out there and found I wasn't the only one. Then I went to the Ravelry group for Interweave Knits and got further confirmation from this discussion about whether on not to renew...182 posts on the topic so far and I really agree with #178.

Maybe they are trying to appeal to a younger crowd (okay I feel 25-30 but I'm really almost 47...). This top would never do for me.

Here's another young one too.

Then you get this sweater that is kind of matronly? There is no happy medium here.

However, I will make this baby sweater for the next girl baby I know of.
Unfortunately, I have renewed my subscription...I did it a few months ago. I hope that the next issue has at least one project I just "have to make". I think Knitting Daily will let me know what is in the issue and then I can decide if I want to spend the bucks (perhaps using a Borders coupon) to get the single issue.
I know I promised WIP pictures but right now nothing is exciting to photograph.


Joyce said...

That's exactly what I did. I didn't renew any of my knitting and spinning magazine subscriptions. What I do now is to look before I buy. I joined Barnes & Nobles and got a membership card, redeemed a Barnes & Nobles Gift Card from the American Express Reward Programme, then once a month I check out all the craft magazines at my nearst B&N store. Only buy the ones that I really like.

Just as well, because I was so impressed with a new English magazine called The Knitter. It came out in January 2009. I was so looking forward to issue number two, but was very disappointed when I finally got to see it at B&N. What were they thinking?

Krista said...

I wonder where my copy is? Not that I knit anything anymore. I've had had any time or money for yarn. I still like looking at the mags though.

Krista said...

That's "I've not had any time..."

Beth said...

I agree. The latest issues haven't been very appealing to me and I still don't like the new format as well. I'm going to let my subscription lapse, too.