April 20, 2009

Good Thing

It's a good thing that I only had nice things to say about our local library...as I was puttering through the library today and checking out the new non-fiction 746 section (knitting books), I was approached by a library employee who thanked me for writing nice things about the library on my blog. I didn't realize I was being read locally! I've been singing their praises on my blog for a while and am so glad they now know what a fan I am.

Okay, as promised, some pictures of my Cathardigan (cross between Cathay - the yarn I'm using - and cardigan). I've done most of the body and the second sleeve is now almost done. I'll join it together next and begin both the V-neck and raglan shaping.

I tried and added some interest in the back with a little section of ribbing with ruching feel.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Yeah - I think it's always important to only say nice things. You never know who might be reading your blog.

Love the carthigan. Can't wait to see it finished.