April 25, 2009

Quick Update Between Baseball Games

We have 4 games this weekend and I'm off to watch a friend's son's game next - good thing it is nice weather. I did however want to update you on my latest.

I completed the main part of my Cathardigan and I am really happy with how it is looking. (Like my toes in this shot?)

However, I decided I should have continued the neck and raglan decreases a few more times so that there isn't this strange edge at the neckline. SO, I'm going to rip out the bound off edge and do a few more rows.

Now my big question is what kind of neckband should this have? Do a simple k2p2 or should I replicate the border on the sleeves and hem? Any ideas. I don't think I want to button this so I could do something else all around the edge.

My KnitPicks order arrived and I cast on immediately for Miss America's refitted Tempting. I'm calling it TempTeen or maybe it should be TempTween as she is only 11. Here it is on #1 Son's baseball bag - I got this much done at the game yesterday afternoon and I'm taking it to the next game. Should be a quick knit.

The yarn for my Twisted V-Neck Pullover - not the red I thought it would be but doable.

I'm loving the Coffee color of the Cotlin - can't wait to start that next.

Hope you're enjoying this lovely weather and maybe even knitting up a bit while watching baseball.


Michele said...

I love that chocolate color as well. It's so hard to find a rich brown. Hope the baseball game was fun!

Anonymous said...

How wide do you want your neckline? I can't see the detail on the cuffs at all, and on the bottom not much, but they seem thick... Maybe stick with a simple edging?

Beth said...

I'm really looking forward to watching Tempting progress. I love that sweater.