May 1, 2009

Almost Finishing Friday

I know you are looking at this picture and saying "who would that possibly fit?" It's a teeny, tiny tube with tubelet sleeves. However, it IS fitting Miss America and it IS almost done. I might have it done by end of day for Finishing Friday. We'll go ribbon shopping tomorrow...she can't wait to wear it.

Once I'm done I'll put the modifications on Ravelry for my TempTeen or TempTween.

I expected more reaction from my post about this month's Interweave Knits. I don't rant often but it did bother me today when I got an email from Knitting Daily saying the ONE pattern I would make is now free. Frustrating. I do think I'll let my subscription lapse...that was the straw that broke my back.

It is the perfect rainy morning to plug a movie in the DVD player and finish off this project.

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