May 2, 2009

My Own Button Jar

I admit I had never heard of a button jar before meeting Kimberly - her blog is named My Button Jar. I went onto Ebay and found wonderful button jars for sale but held back as I really didn't need to be spending money on another collection.

When my godmother died, I helped go through her things and found a tin FULL of buttons. I took it home with me and over the years we've used the buttons for craft projects, school math counting projects, etc. I did have my own button tin.

My work on Cathardigan and other projects has sent me to the store to by buttons but I realized I need to put my buttons with my knitting stuff so I created my own button jar.

A few weeks ago I put my scraps of yarn in a bowl my godmother gave me and I realized that I have a jar that matches so it now holds my buttons. So perfect her buttons in something she gave me.

The big shell button in the bottom of hte photo was from my grandmother's stuff. The gold one with the pearls came from a dress I wore to our rehearsal dinner. Buttons can evoke some great memories.

Back to knitting so I can start using my buttons!


Anonymous said...

dipsesteA favourite memory from my childhood is being allowed to empty Mum's button jar out onto a tray and to sort, and play and organise and order and reorder with them. My DD loves my button collection too :) Many happy hours will hopefully be spent by her in the future too. There is something special about reminiscing about the clothes they were leftover from, or rescued from too. Love your little container of memories.

Kimberly said...

Dumplin was playing with my jars just yesterday morning! Thanks for mentioning me on the blog! The rain and cool weather is making me count the days until the summer! See you soon!