May 7, 2009

Another Library Find

I was puttering through my wonderful library and of course I checked out the new books section (746 is knitting) and stumbled on one that I missed - Boutique Knits by Laura Irwin.

This book came into the library back in November and I somehow missed it until now. There are a few gems in this book.

I was particularly intrigued with this pattern which is assembled using a strip of button loops that you buy at a sewing store. They are the loops for a wedding dress. You knit the bottom half separately and attach it with lots of little buttons. For some reason this appeals to me but I don't know how it would look on my figure. I also would give it sleeves and make it longer.

I'm not a fan of making hats but I could see this on one of my really is cool looking.

Great mittens....however, I still have to finish the ones I'm slowly working on.
As I said, a few gems in this book - so glad I found it.

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