May 12, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

Since I don't have any interesting pictures to show you right now, I thought I'd follow Carole's post for Ten on Tuesday. The theme this week is my 10 Favorite Places to Shop...this is one I can easily post as I do enjoy shopping. You're going to get a mix of shopping for me and shopping for my knitting addiction.

1. Costco - bulk sized products, decent clothes, books, and samples - need I say more?

2. Target - I pronounce it with a soft G and a silent T at the end so it sounds French (tarjay).

3. Ann Taylor - my favorite clothes come from here and I never buy anything for full price as they have wonderful sales.

4. Land's End - I love their overstocks section online which I frequent quite often.

5. Etsy - I discovered Etsy when I wanted to sell my knit items and found that there is wonderful handspun yarn, handmade products etc. I like supporting "the little guy" when I shop and this is a great place to do that.

6. Little Knits - I've posted about this wonderful store in Seattle before. They have great sales and their service is fantastic.

7. Webs - Another great knitting source for me and great sales here too. Can you catch the theme of bargain shopping I like to do?

8. Knit Picks - affordable yarn which lets me make lots of things for my daughter.

9. Home Goods - a fun place to putter around and you never know what you're going to find. I've even found knitting books at a great price.

10. Elm Street Books - our local book store...this year I tried to avoid all the big chain stores and support the little businesses in our town. The staff at Elm Street Books is wonderful and knowlegdable and they have superb service.

Okay, enough of shopping. Time to do the laundry.

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