April 15, 2010

At least this one has buttonholes!

While on vacation, I cast on for Connie Chang Chinchio's Mountain View Cardigan. I had ordered some of the new Knit Picks Stroll Tonal yarn in a brighter green than I expected - this photo is quite true to color. While it isn't exactly my color, it will be a bright pop of color in a lovely lightweight sweater.

I'm knitting it as one piece which works better for me as I really don't want a ton of seaming especially after my huge ruffle. I modeled it on some info I got on Ravelry and on her Farmer's Market Cardigan which is knit in one piece.

Here's the bit of lace that will show in the back. This has lots to keep track of - buttonholes every 16 rows, an 8 row lace repeat, waist increases and decreases, etc. Thank God for post-it notes!

I wore my Coraline yesterday while teaching - I had a reason for doing this as I was able to work on it a few weeks ago while substitute teaching and I wanted the same group of kids to see how it turned out - they were so cute and interested.

Thank you for all your button input - after wearing it for a day without buttons, I've decided it definitely needs buttons. I have some good ones in my button jar and now I just have to get the right thread for the loops. I'll show you when it's done.


Thea said...

that green is gorgeous! And it's going to be amazing in Connie's pattern....

Sara said...

Wowzers. An entire cardigan in fingering weight. I am very impressed...and inspired. I hope I have the nerve to do that one day!